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Weight Loss Tips – Do You Have A Willingness To Change?


It can be all to easy to view losing weight as a temporary measure, an inconvenience to be overcome as quickly as possible (usually with crash diets). This is totally the wrong approach to weight loss, you have to view losing weight as developing permanent healthy lifestyle habits rather than as a temporary fix achieved by making drastic cuts to your daily calorie intake.

How Healthy Is Your Current Lifestyle?

Your current weight and state of health is a result of your lifestyle and the choices you make on a daily basis, this is a fact you have to accept if you want to lose weight. Take responsibility for where you are today and vow to do something about it. In order to recognise where and how you can make healthy changes, you need to analyse your current lifestyle and eating habits.

Does a regular day or week for you involve any of the following:

  • Sitting at a desk for long periods of time.
  • Spending hours driving.
  • Watching television for long periods.
  • Very little physical activity or exercise.
  • Less than 7 hours sleep a night.
  • Regularly smoking cigarettes.
  • Regular consumption of alcohol at home or on nights out.
  • Eating junk food, takeaways, high-fat salty snacks or processed foods.
  • Eating very little fresh fruit and vegetables.

Once you take a really good look at your lifestyle, it becomes obvious why you over-weight or out of shape. Developing a beer belly or a double chin takes time, and can be a result of months living an unhealthy lifestyle. Once you have identified unhealthy habits and behaviour, you can start to do something about it. Some activities (such as sitting at a desk or driving) may be unavoidable, but you must still strive to be more active. Why not walk to and from work, start taking the stairs or go for a walk in your lunch hour?

A Willingness To Change

Recognising that you have to change your lifestyle (and where) in order to achieve permanent weight loss is only half the battle, you must also posses a real willingness to change. You need to take positive action, start making some positive changes.

Get in the habit of regularly:

  • Exercising for at least an hour a day.
  • Reading food labels and shopping wisely.
  • Eating more portions of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Preparing more meals with fresh ingredients and eating less processed food.
  • Reducing portion sizes.
  • Counting your calories.
  • Swapping foods for low fat alternatives.
  • Drinking plenty of water and less alcohol.
  • Walking as much as possible.

Try doing less from list 1 and more from list 2 in order to live a healthier lifestyle. A recognition of the need for change, backed up by a willingness to change and taking positive action, will lead to permanent weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Source by Chris Waddington

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