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How to Maintain Weight and Some Quick Weight Loss Tips


Losing weight has been a problem to many of us. Some have succeeded however, majority have not. It is natural for one to be looking for solution to their overweight problems. One of which is to look good while some, have to do with health. Whatever the reasons are, they bring positive results to the ones who have experienced weight loss.

Well, for those who didn’t, it is never too late. You too, can achieve the same result. The fact that it is so easy to gain than to lose weight, has result some who have already lose weight to gain them back. This is because those who have already lose weight, tend to get back to their old bad habit of eating much more than their body needs. These people are sometimes tricked by the ‘fat-free’ label is some products. They thought that these products will not make them fat and so they consume them more than they their body need. When your body have too much of food, they will be stored as fat. So do not be fooled by these products.

So what can you do to maintain your weight?

1)Control your food intake

After losing weight, it is very tempting to get back to your bad eating habits. Never eat more than what you body needs. Some of us, tend to eat a large portion of food per meal. This is also the reason why some people tend to gain back the fats.

2)Cut down on snacks

When you are hungry, substitue those unhealthy food to fruits or grained bread.

3)Keep exercising

Some people who have already been losing weight, have stop their regular exercise. But their consumption of food maintain, this is the reason why some gain weight because their activity level and eating rate is not balance.

These are the 3 common mistakes that most ex-overweight do. So if you are one of them, do take note of these 3 mistakes.

Source by John Cathay

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