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Herbs For Clear Skin – Top 5 Natural Acne Fighting Herbs For Clear Skin (These Really Work)


It’s a well know fact that by using natural herbs you can treat acne with some amazing results. Particularly because they work from the inside out which is where acne starts. If you have never tried using herbs for clear skin it is something that you should seriously consider as they prevent the acne from ever surfacing.

Top 5 Herbs For Clear Skin:

# 1. Red Clover – Hormonal imbalance can be a main cause of acne. Red clover is contained with isoflavones and they will work to balance out the hormone levels in your body. As your hormone levels become stabilised then the excess production of sebum will stop. Therefore it can reduce or even eliminate your acne condition.

# 2. Sarsaparilla root – Acne can be caused by the poorly functioning of the liver. Sarsaparilla root has for a long time been used to treat liver conditions therefore gets great results for acne sufferers.

# 3. Turmeric root – This is one of many superb herbs for clear skin. It has a double action effect by working as both a really strong antibiotic and an antiseptic. Great for fighting off sebum, plus its anti inflammatory properties will help with decreasing the size and redness of your pimples.

# 4. Yellow Dock root – This plant is well known for flushing out unwanted toxins from the gallbladder, liver and the bloodstream. If toxins are left within your system they can clog up your system and be a cause of acne.

# 5. Dandelion root – This root plant will clean and detox the digestive system, liver and kidneys. By keeping these 3 systems clear you can keep the production of acne sebum down to a minimum. Therefore giving you a nice clear, acne free skin.

All 5 of these herbs for clear skin have amazing natural benefits to an acne sufferer when used correctly and consistently. As they are a natural herb then they are great for both teenagers and adults a like. Learn all you can about nutrition and remedies then you can join the millions of others who have gone on to be acne free for life.

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Source by Alan Logan

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