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Health and Beauty Helping Tips


The skin is the biggest organ in the body. It is a fact that sixty percent of whatever is applied into the skin penetrates the blood stream, as long as the organ is permitted to breathe. The truth has impact in four ways:

– The skin is an essential entrance for chemicals into the body

– Chemicals that are not wanted like those which contribute to tumors, birth deficiency, allergic reaction or other sensitivities, must be avoided in products used in the skin, as they might have harmful effect into the body.

– The skin should be permitted to respire in and out, to take in nourishment and release pollutants.

– When nutrients are being applied into the skin, they might be advantageous to the whole body.

Common cosmetic components that are included in the “unwanted chemicals”:

I. Mineral oils and petrolatum – Mineral oil is utilized in baby creams, lotions and oils; it is a well-liked moisturizing component in commercial body and hand lotions, suntan creams, lipstick, face creams, shaving creams and all kinds of moisturizers and ointments. Manufacturers wanted it since it is odorless, tasteless, colorless, and extremely inexpensive and readily connects other beauty components into creamy, smooth lotion. Mineral oil and petrolatum create a greasy film over the skin in locking in moisture, but entrap wastes and toxins and deter normal skin breathing by keeping the air out.

II. Phthalates – these chemicals seldom come across their way into the component list, however, they are included in several health and good looks product. Recent studies had exposed that phthalates can be carcinogenic, mutagenic and unfavorably affect sperms of the male, which they add levels of testosterone and also estrogen in people and are vital to the risk of breast tumor.

III. Parabens – appear in several varieties and they are used widely as preservatives for health and also beauty aids. They have been proven to contain estrogenic activity and also been discovered in breast cancer. Some researchers consider that parabens are found in cosmetics conserved with extract of citrus seeds; even though the parabens are not included in the labels of components, the citrus seeds could have been sprayed with the preservative before the extraction procedure, thus focusing the preservative on the extract.

IV. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – it is known as a general skin irritant that is quickly absorbed and retained in the eyes, heart, brain and liver. It is also widely used as detergent and bubbles agent being used in shampoos, toothpaste and cleansers. Its cousin, SLES, has proven itself as less irritating compared to SLS. These two must be avoided in shampoos for infants.

Source by Von Bautista

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