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Category: Beauty Tips

Who Is The Beauty Tyrant

On 17 April 2020

I’m the Beauty Tyrant, of course, a beauty buff in her late 20s. How it all started?I became a beauty buff ever since I got my index finger nicked by my mom’s eye brow razor when I lovingl

Hair Beauty Tips

On 17 April 2020

For starters, the cleansing detergent of shampoo causes dry hair, which leads to brittle hair and inevitable damage. Even the shampoos that promise to repair dry hair will have this agent if they inte

Every new piece of technology that comes along brings along with it a certain amount of information that a person must learn in order to properly use the given device. If one wants to use a computer, for instance, it is required at the very least that they know how to run the computer on. […]
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