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A Few More Myths About Skin Care


It’s not surprising that it takes more than one article to dispel the most popular myths about skin care. After all common knowledge is very common and spreads like wildfire, too bad a lot of it isn’t true. We’re going to look at some more myths that everybody knows about skin care that not a lot of people know are false.

1. Higher SPF means you get more protection. Generally sunscreen comes in SPFs of 15, 30 and 50. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor here. So logically you’d think and SPF of 50 would mean more than triple the protection than an SPF of 15. The active ingredients in a typical sun block of SPF 15 block 95% of UVA and UVB rays, in an SPF of 50 you’ll find 98% blocked. What the numbers on the sun block bottle really mean is that in a sun block with an SPF of 15 then you are able to stay in the sun for fifteen times the amount you normally would without the sun doing damage to your skin. A typical light skinned person can stay in the noonday sun for about ten minutes without sun damage, multiply that by fifteen and you get an hour and thirty minutes out of your SPF 15 and so on with the stronger concentrations.

2. A related myth – You don’t need sunscreen if your makeup has SPF in it. False! You’d need to put on seven layers of foundation in order to get the same protection from a sun block lotion with an SPF of 15.

3. Here’s a dangerous one – popping white heads/pimples to get rid of the pus found inside is a good idea. Sure the pimple is no longer on your face and the pus on the surface is gone but what you’ve just done is squeezed all the infection deeper into your skin where it will be harder for your body to get rid of it. Plus, popping that zit still leaves you with an immediate red mark on your face that still needs to heal.

4. Acne scars, sun spots and other skin discolorations will go away on their own. This is one of those myths that is true and yet so aggravating because it actually will take months, possibly years for the skin discoloration to fade and even then it may not be completely unnoticeable. Your best bet is to be proactive in this area, searching out products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids to remove the scars rather than sitting around complacently hoping they’ll just disappear.

Source by Sarah H

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