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COVID-19: Myths Vs Facts

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On 11 August 2022
As more and more lies keep getting exposed regarding the response to COVID-19 by the American Government, it becomes absolutely crystal clear how people occupying offices of power & influence have tactically risked millions of lives to gain petty political mileage, jeopardizing not just the concept of leadership but also the putting democracy at risk. […]
Spots, pimples, acne, breakouts, bumpy – uneven skin… it’s a nightmare for anyone of any age. I used to suffer dreadfully with it, nothing worked for me… apart from a small number of products (face washes, scrubs etc) – but only temporarily. A reason that they don’t work and why I no longer used them […]

The short answer is “yes,” but it is a qualified “yes”. Diet affects the health of the skin in general. The skin is an organ of the human body just like the heart, the lungs, t

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