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That Time of the Month

By matre demuno

Menopause is the time in a woman's life
when her periods stop and she is then
unable to bear children. This happens
because as a woman ages, her ovaries stop
making enough of the female hormones
estrogen and progesterone.

Some women just stop having periods. Others
experience symptoms, such as:
- A change in the menstrual cycle. This is
one of the first signs of menopause.
- Hot flashes. Hot flashes are the most
common symptom of menopause.
- Thinning of your vagina and vulva (the
area around the vagina). The skin of your
vagina and vulva becomes thinner with
- Urinary tract problems.
- Headaches, night sweats, trouble sleeping
and tiredness are other symptoms. Trouble
sleeping and feeling tired may be caused by
hot flashes and night sweats

Many women also experience emotional symptoms
during menopause. These symptoms may
include sadness, anxiety and loss of sleep.
For some women, symptoms can be severe and
they might need to seek treatment for these
independently of the physical symptoms.

If menopause hot flashes are really beginning
to get you down, but you don't want to go the
route of artificial HRT, then you might want
to start considering some of the great natural
alternatives that are now available. Wild yam
cream, for example, has been giving women
relief from menopause hot flashes for many
years now. Wild yam is gentler on the body
than HRT treatments, and so a little slower
to work sometimes. It does work, however, and
doesn't bring with it the risks associated
with artificial hormone replacement either.

Other supplements that can be used to help
alleviate menopause hot flashes include
vitamin E. Vitamin E has a number of
additional uses for use by menopausal women.
It can help keep the skin in good condition,
and more importantly, keeps the heart healthy

About the author:
matre demuno is the owner of
Menopause Fan
which is a premier resource for menopause information.
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