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Take Mother's advice and do some weight training!

By Paul Duxbury

It is well known that working out with weights, especially when trying to lose unwanted pounds has a lot of important benefits. Calories are burned by intense workout even after ending it, because your metabolism is being elevated for up to 40 hours after your actual workout. Metabolism being simulated, it will continue to burn calories for a long time, but first you must workout pretty hard. Another benefit is that carbohydrates power your intense training sessions, and the longer the session, the more carbohydrates are depleted and so the more calories and fat are burned after the workout. For example, remember that one study showed that 15 exercises per month could lead to over 20 pounds of fat burned over a year if the exercises are 50 minutes long at 50 percent of oxygen uptake.

Another important aspect is that while you are training your body adds some leas muscle, which are “metabolically active”. This means that muscles are able to burn calories after your workout is complete. Some studies have shown that for one pound of muscle added, your body burns another 40 or more calories per day while not exercising, so for an extra 10 pounds of muscle, one pound of fat will be burnt within a week. On the other hand, if you plan do lose weight by taking a diet and no training exercises two bad things will occur. The first one is that half of your weigh loss will be muscle, which will cause bad thing and the second one is a slower metabolism. Such a metabolism will lead to gain all the weight back and even add some extra pounds. In conclusion, a good training with weights is very powerful and it is a must for a weight loss program and a healthy life.

About the author:
Paul is Head of Training for a major UK Charitable Organisation with a wealth of experience in personal development, management development, e-learning and operational management. In addition he owns two of the UK's leading Ebook Provider websites also owns

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