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Laser hair removal

By Mansi gupta

With physical appearance of a person gaining added significance each day, being presentable is not an option but a compulsion. Walking around with unwanted hair may render a messy look and at times lowers the person’s self-esteem. In some cases it can also influence an individual’s career prospects. A spick and span person eventually gains advantage at both his business and personal scenario. To achieve that uncluttered look many are now wasting time on shaving and other routine techniques. More and more people are opting for permanent hair removal solutions. Latest technological advancements enable a person to achieve what he earlier only dreamt.

Customary hair reducing techniques most prevalent among people for temporary hair removals are shaving, waxing, depilating, epilating, sugaring and threading but they all come with an inherent disadvantage that they always need to be repeated regularly. In an era that says “time is money” its distressing that one has to consume their most precious time frequently just to get rid of those unwanted hair. Time that could have been utilized for more constructive purposes slips away removing hair. A regular mental worry that urgently something needs to be done to reduce hair for improving the looks is always there. Permanent hair removal solutions like electrolysis are risky and painful. But with the advent of laser hair removal method all these troubles come to an end.

The practice of laser hair removal aims at achieving permanent escape from unwanted hair. Theory behind laser hair removal makes use of the tendency of light energy to get absorbed more by darker pigments than by lighter tones. A targeted beam of light is emitted aiming at the hair follicles and since light rays are absorbed more by darker pigments hair darker than skin tone attract much more light energy and get destructed leaving the near by skin cells unharmed.

One must be careful while choosing laser hair removal as for successful implementation of this technique the quality of skin and the color of hair need to be prudentially analyzed. Pigmentation in hair that need to be removed is required to be higher than the skin tone. Also there should be no tanning or dark shade of the skin where hair removal is targeted. A hair tone darker than the skin color ensures that the laser energy emitted is absorbed only by hair follicles and the laser beam does not damage the skin.

Although a wide idea about how laser technique works for removing hair is available the final suggestion concerning each individual must be taken from an efficient local practitioner. Since all skin and hair combinations are unique for every person. Proposals regarding the finest possible hair removal solution can best be judged by personal observation by a laser expert. It is also important that the practitioner must be well trained and qualified depending on less trust worthy laser removal technician may do more harm than good. With some effort many greatly competent people can be found at a place near by for effective removal of hair by laser.

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