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Fungal Defense Against Candida

By Generation Health

Candida is a term that is commonly used for the medical condition known as candidiasis; or yeast overgrowth. The condition was first identified during the 1970ís by American doctors and is now believed to effect more than 40 million Americans. While it should be noted that moderate amounts of candida and other types of yeast exist in all individuals without any problems, in some situations yeast begins to grow uncontrollably. When this occurs it can ravage the body and create a number of symptoms.

In some of the symptoms related to candida there is damage to the intestinal wall. This allows toxins to escape into the bloodstream and cause problems such as migraines, muscle aches, food allergies and difficulty in concentration.

Other individuals who suffer from candida experience what is known as thrush; although not everyone who has candida will have problems with thrush. In some situations, candida will cause problems associated with the endocrine system; which will then lead to even more health problems. These problems may typically include joint pains, PMS, asthma, sinus problems, hay fever, irregularities related to a womanís menstrual cycle, fungal infections, ear infections, weight gain/weigh loss, allergies and/or a sensitivity to perfumes, tobacco smoke and chronic tiredness. Finally, some individuals experiencing problems related to candida may experience diarrhea and/or constipation, flatulence or a bloated feeling. In very rare cases, candida has even been known to cause problems associated with endometriosis and other illnesses and diseases.

In total, candida has been known to cause 100 or more varied symptoms. It is not uncommon for an individual to suffer from 20 or more symptoms associated with candida at the same time. Symptoms related to candida have been noted to become worse when the individual is exposed to humidity or hot weather. Stressful conditions have also been shown to make candida worse.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, candida has also been noted to cause other health issues such as rectal and/or vaginal itching and pain, colic, diaper rash, acne, hives, kidney and bladder infections, flu like symptoms, spotted vision, impotence, lack of sexual desire, psoriasis, eczema, heartburn, indigestion, bad breath, sore throat, hemorrhoids, dry mouth, cough, painful intercourse and loss of hair.

One of the most common causes of problems associated with candida is the usage of antibiotics. In situations where the bodyís immune system has already been compromised due to hormonal changes, stress or illness antibiotics are believed to further contribute to a situation in which candida may flourish. The use of birth control pills has also been shown to be associated with the development of candida.

In many cases, individuals live with the effects and symptoms of candida for years because portions of the health community have been reluctant to admit the link between antibiotics and the development of candida or even that a problem exists in some cases.

Fungal Defense delivers the most effective anti-yeast and anti-fungal compounds found in nature. It contains a specific anti-candida formula to help you battle the effects of this debilitating health issue. In addition, it helps to restore health intestinal flora and enhance immune functions.

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